We are offering weekly DJ classes at our locations. Join 20 year veteran DJ and Instructor, Eric Ebinger to learn everything from the basics to advanced DJ Techniques!

Classes are available as a complete 12 week (1 hour per week) DJ program or you can choose specific Classes that you have interest in… Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced DJ, you will find valuable and practical hands on information in this program!

  • Home DJ set-ups and choice of equipment
  • Professional Equipment and set-up
  • Music genre (Types of Music)
  • Beat mixing/Pitching/Tempo
  • Platter/Jog wheel and mixer operation
  • Cueing Techniques
  • EQing
  • Delay effects techniques

Tuition & Fees

Weekly Session

1 hour sessions

Flexible Schedule

$55 / session

  • $35 One-Time Registration Fee Per Student
  • $55 Individual 1 hour Lessons
  • Flexibility to choose all or only specific topics that you need help with

DJ Course Curriculum

DJ/MC Industry Lessons Digital DJing (Platters and Files)

  • Lesson 1: Home DJ set-ups and choice of equipment
    Professional Equipment and set-up
  • Lesson 2: Music Genre (Types of Music)
    Beat mixing – Platter/Jog wheel and mixer operation
  • Lesson 3: Cueing and oitching techniques
    Mix/Matching – Tempo/BPMs (Speed of the music)
  • Lesson 4: EQing
    Delay, Reverb, HP/LP filters, and Flange Effect Techniques
  • Lesson 5: Scratching basics/ Scratching
    MP3/ digital mixing / Serato
  • Lesson 6: Set list / Programming and set structure
    Sample creation / scratch tracks
  • Lesson 7: MC / Voice overs

Marketing and Self Promotion

  • Lesson 8: FREE Web Site design and development
    Example – https://djcrazye.com
  • Lesson 9: Recording demos
  • Lesson 10: Business card and Flyer Design / creation
  • Lesson 11: Media design and development (Web Audio Ads and Banners)
  • Lesson 12: Marketing / advertising / promotion / booking

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Eric Ebinger (DJ CraZy E) has accomplished and continues to accomplish a great deal of achievements on his Multimedia filled journey. At the age of 16 Eric started Djing high school parties. With a great response from friends about his mixing and music selection he decided to continue DJing. Eventually moving into DJing Sporting Events, Clubs, Bars, Store Grand openings, Cruise Ships, Poolside parties and weddings. When Eric started Miami dade Community College he decided to get a job in radio. He Landed a paid internship at one of the Paxson communications stations in Miami, before Clear Channel bouth Paxson Communications. He worked as a intern for 6 months then was hired as a morning show producer as well as a on-air personality. After working three years in the Miami market he decided to come to Orlando to finish his BA degree in TV/Radio Mass Communication. While in UCF he found local DJ gigs and once again a job at Clear Channel communications where he worked with (Larry the Cable Guy) for a brief time. In the Orlando market, Eric once again got hired as a Morning show producer for Magic 107.7 as well as an on-air personality for Cool 100.3, WJRR 101.1, and a production assistant. Actively he is teaching at Full Sail University, DJing at Mulberry Street Bar and Grill (Resident DJ) as well as organizes all types of audio-based production events. Ebinger sees how important it is for local business to promote and advertise themselves properly online and in the community.


Using his design and advertising skills he builds or improves client/customer web sites. He helps stir interest in business locally by putting together live audio based events such as DJ/Live music events, promotional giveaways, charity events, and action sporting events. As well as provide the business with high impact advertising/promotional social media tools.